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A genuine lover - Dog Lover, Food Lover, Beauty Lover, Design Lover and Life Lover & I would love to share my love with you. I stepped in design world thanks to people's sharing and I would love to share back, my knowledge, my experience, my works, my creative routines and my views toward the world I live in. 


Hope it would help you. I believe to give is a precious chance and to receive is a privilege, to share to to be shared. One final thing, choose to be happy cuz life is already too short. 

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There is some great time and not-so-great time in life.

My hobbies keep me "up" for those "down moments"

P/S: I love Gal Shir - the artist & his artworks. Most of my drawings is inspired by him and #EveryTuesday. I learn to draw by redrawing

Gal Shir's artworks. Everyday I draw is a #happydrawinngday

​oh, below is my final drawings, full drawing process you can visit my instagram

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