Yola English Center

MASH project | Wed design & Pins | 8/2016

Target Audience 12-18 years old.

Message convey: When we were young, we used to be free to dream about what we would become in the future. Then we grow up, we gradually tend to forget and give up on that dream. "Dare to dream" campaign of Yola English Center wants to help make that dream come true and to convey a message: Never give up on your dream.

1st Round


Please enjoy experience the website below! Enjoy ^^

Note: There will be signs (Blue Square) showed where have interactions.

Pins 1st Round

The meaning of pins is like stickers that students ticks on wall of their study corners, which they stick what they like on their wall, ranging from to do list or their dream job. The website would let audience create their own pin with a statement/a reminder for themselves not to give up on their dream. It start with "I want to be a [dream job] to [doing something you passionate]"

Pins 2nd Round


© 2016 by Cao Thi Nguyen Nguyen (Jo Lavie) | Graphic Designer.